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Finns Are Mercilessly Trolling Trump With 'Rake' News Following His Forest Fire Comments 😂

Finns Are Mercilessly Trolling Trump With 'Rake' News Following His Forest Fire Comments 😂
Photo by Paul Kitagaki Jr./Getty Images, @ryryluminen, @KarenBroeckel/Twitter

Swell, now even the Finnish are laughing at us, and for good reason.

After repeatedly calling Paradise, CA "Pleasure", President Donald Trump went on to show his ignorance when it comes to forest fires. For some unknown reason, Trump told the press the Finns don't have forest fires because they "rake and clean" the forest.

Apparently, according to Trump, the suggestion came from Finnish President Sauli Niinistö in a conversation the two had in Paris.

But according to Ilta Sanomat, the country's second-largest paper:

"The Finnish president Sauli Niinistö doesn't recall discussing about 'raking leaves' with president Donald Trump. However he does confirm they talked about the California wildfires when meeting shortly in Paris last weekend.

'I mentioned him that Finland is a land covered by forests and we also have a good monitoring system and network', Niinistö says to Ilta-Sanomat on Sunday morning and recalls adding the phrase 'we take care of our forests.'

– However, raking wasn't brought up in the conversation, Niinistö corrects."

It's no wonder Trump is confused about preventing fires; the man hates Smokey Bear. Regardless, the Finnish people are "raking" Trump over the coals for this latest plunder.

All that work makes Finns hungry!

In the country or in the city, everyone does their part.

It's good to keep up on things.

Hold on, maybe the reason Trump hates Smokey is because he isn't teaching raking to the children.

It's not just the forest that needs looking after.

And it isn't just on Twitter, Trump is being trolled on Instagram too.

All of America right now.

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