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A Trump Tweet Criticizing The Smokey Bear Commercials Just Came Back To Bite Him Hard πŸ”₯

Photos by Cheriss May/NurPhoto, Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

What kind of monster doesn't love Smokey Bear? He's a bear who walks around shirtless in jeans and a badass hat. Plus, he loves us and doesn't want everything to burn to the ground. He has been educating the public about forest fires since 1944. What's not to love?

Apparently, there is one person who doesn't see the amazing attributes of America's Smokey Bear, and that would be the President of the United States. Yep, it's true. Donald Trump hates Smokey Bear.

Oh it's on.

Even back in 2015 people were not having this message.

And now after the horrible fires in California, these tweets are even worse in hindsight.

Maybe if Smokey spent less time education and more time raking.

Don't come for Smokey!

Who's next Woodsy the Owl?

H/T: Huffington Post, AOL