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Video Of Transparent Pool Built Between Two Skyscrapers Has People Feeling Very Uneasy


Would you swim in a transparent swimming pool set 115 feet above the cars and concrete of London?

That's the question people on the internet have been asking themselves ever since BBC News broadcasted a helicopter video showing the new Sky Pool at London's Embassy Gardens in all its glory.

At 82 feet long—46 of which hang midair—the narrow pool connects the Embassy Gardens' two apartment towers, allowing courageous swimmers to dunk, dive and float back and forth between the pair of 10-story buildings.

But before you feel too confident about whether or not you'd swim, seeing the pool is a lot different than talking about it.

Not surprisingly, the pool had a polarizing effect on Twitter.

Some were absolutely horrified and wouldn't go near the thing if someone paid them.

Although some questioned the term skyscraper for 10 story buildings.

Those fearful folks might be at least a little encouraged by the fact the pool has been tested "many, many times for safety" and has a 12-inch thick bottom, according to the Robb Report.

But for others, the pool was more concerning for what it symbolized.

They couldn't believe a sky pool was being built at a time of widening income inequality throughout the city of London.

So no matter how you cut it, it's clearly a pool meant for some people and not others. Regardless, we hope that 12-inch bottom holds up for as long as people are willing to swim.