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Tracy Morgan Proudly Chokes Up After Learning His Great-Grandpa Served In World War I

The comedian was overcome with emotion on the PBS ancestry program 'Finding Your Roots' after learning that his great-grandfather Julius served in France in World War I.

Tracy Morgan

In a recent episode of Finding Your Roots, Tracy Morgan, renowned for his comedic brilliance on Saturday Night Live, was confronted with a poignant revelation about his family lineage.

Host Henry Louis Gates Jr. unveiled the surprising fact that Morgan's great-grandfather Julius not only registered for the 1917 draft but also served in World War I.

The disclosure deeply affected Morgan, prompting an emotional and tear-filled reflection on Julius's courageous service.

Adding an extra layer of intrigue, Morgan uncovered an unexpected familial bond with his friend Nas, the iconic rapper. Revealing this on the Connect the Dots podcast, Morgan shared that they were third cousins on his mother's side, leading to a heartfelt exchange and mutual pledges of support.

The episode mirrored a recurring theme in the series, where celebrities like Morgan, Bob Odenkirk, Ciara, and Sunny Hostin have unraveled surprising details about their family histories, creating a captivating narrative of interconnected stories and unexpected twists in the vast tapestry of their ancestry.

Mean Streets: Tracy Morgan is Proud of his Great-Grandfather's WWI Service in

Folks were quick to support Morgan and his emotional moment on the show.


Many people were moved by Morgan's family story.

They also said that Morgan's ability to be emotional in public was beautiful.

Others had words for Great Grandpa Julius.


Many people said this was their favorite episode so far.

Others said that this was their favorite show, period.

Someone said Dr. Gates' work was more emotionally impactful than other celebrity interviewers.

Your can catch Finding Your Roots on Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. ET.