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The Tourist Who Slapped A Customs Official For Missing Her Flight Is Now Suffering The Consequences

The Tourist Who Slapped A Customs Official For Missing Her Flight Is Now Suffering The Consequences
The Sun/YouTube

In case you missed the title of this article the woman in the photograph is not offering a high-five.

Will people ever learn to keep their hands to themselves if things don't go their way?

Sadly, not.

An Indonesian immigration officer was on the receiving end of a tourist's fury. The livid traveler missed her flight last summer and slapped the airport official. The thwack looked really painful too, as indicated by the loud, sonic crack caught on camera.

Auj-e Taqaddas, the contemptible British tourist with a temper, was 42-years-old when the customs officer at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali confronted her for overstaying her visa by 160 days, according to the Jakarta Post.

Taqaddas blamed the Indonesian customs official, who was just doing his job, for missing her flight to Singapore on a Jetstar flight in July.

Here is the video of the slap from The Sun's YouTube channel.

It's a doozy, folks.

British tourist slaps immigration

Taqaddas entered Bali in January on a 30-day visa, but after overstaying her visit she racked up penalties of 48,000,000 rupiah, which is roughly the equivalent of $3,430.

She was asked to pay $21.40 for each day of her extended visit after February's expiration date.

While it's difficult to decipher every word from her rant, you could hear her call the officer a "bastard," among other obscenities.

A district court in Bali's capital city of Denpasar sentenced the British tourist to six months in prison for physically assaulting a government official.

The Jakarta Post reported she was found guilty under Article 212 of the country's criminal code, which can imprison convicted people up to 16 months for "being guilty of rebelliousness."

At the trial in December, Taqaddas pleaded "not guilty" and accused the footage of her slapping the official as being doctored by "criminal" Indonesia.

She planned to appeal her six-month sentence but missed several hearings and disappeared from her hotel room hours before she was due on one of the court dates.

Police eventually arrested her on Wednesday at a shopping mall. She claimed in court she was tortured by police.

According to Sky News, she had a conflicting story explaining her absence.

"This is a sham court who was only listening to the dirty prosecutor who did not bring me to the court for six months."

As she was escorted out of the court room, Taqaddas denounced the country and screamed:

"Indonesia is a criminal country. Indonesian law is corrupt. Indonesian judges are corrupt."
"No lawyer was provided. Indonesian immigration is corrupt."

Her reputation is sure to follow her for an indefinite period of time.

Some of the comments expressed a different outcome for the opposite gender.

Others commented on the immigration official's composure.

Not only is this a reminder to check the expiration date on your passports, it's a reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Or pack some calming essential oils and stream soothing ocean sounds.