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WATCH: Deleted 'Titanic' Scene of Rose Rescued Reemerges Online

WATCH: Deleted 'Titanic' Scene of Rose Rescued Reemerges Online

For many movie lovers, the film Titanic is a masterpiece that broke box office records, won scores of awards, and continues to be one of the defining films of our time.

And while James Cameron may still believe he's "king of the world," some people feel he should be kicked off the throne for failing to include a pivotal scene that could've added a fair amount of emotional depth to the ending of an already devastating movie, including Buzzfeed's Chris Peña, who shared just why the scene could've added so much more to the film.

The scene revolves around Rose's rescue by the Carpathia after the sinking of the Titanic. In the original version, we see Rose (Kate Winslet) being picked up by the ship before the heartless Cal (Billy Zane) comes looking for her in the steerage.

But in the recently reemerged extended version, we see just how great a toll the experience has taken on Rose as she's helped onto the ship.

We see the ship's crew trying to get a catatonic Rose to take a hot beverage to warm up.

In addition, we get to see the other rescued passengers showing their disdain for J. Bruce Ismay, the upperclass designer of the Titanic who was widely blamed for the ship's sinking, as he walks through the distressed throngs of mostly women and children.

We also see Rose's mother, Ruth, searching the steerage to see if her daughter survived:

In a moment of closure that we don't get with the original cut of the film, we also find out that Cal's "adopted" daughter made it through the whole ordeal alive:

While the deleted scene has been available for years, it's surprising that it's taken this long for more people to notice just how big of an emotional impact it could've had. And considering Titanic is already three hours and 15 minutes long, what's a few more minutes, right?

People seem to agree:

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