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TikToker Floored After Catching Elderly Seatmate On Flight Typing A Racist Email About Her

TikToker Mizz Crizzy captured video of the woman as she typed the bigoted email on their WestJet flight.

Screenshots from TikTok video

Sometimes when we see racist incidents on the news, it's about a big moment.

But it's important to remember that little moments count, too.

This is what TikTok user @mizz_crizzy found out when she encountered her first racist incident where the victim was herself.

In a video that quickly went viral on TikTok, Mizz Crizzy and her sister filmed an older White woman painstakingly typing out an email that insults the two of them.

It further goes on to be ableist as well.


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The email is not pleasant to read.

“I am looking out the window. Other two seats are taken by two very large, dolled-up Black ladies, one of whom is extremely hostile."
"She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy...I am being very pleasant just to annoy her.”

A shorter followup video shows the rest of the email.


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The woman typed:

"If I need to use a washroom, I am going to pretend that I am really crippled and ask a steward to help me find another seat."


In further explanation videos, Mizz Crizzy explained she was traveling with her sister when this incident occurred. She doesn't think she was at all hostile to the woman and doesn't understand why the woman would write that.

“The only thing I said to her was, ‘The flight attendant wants you to put the bag under the seat until we take off.’ That’s all I repeated. I didn’t say it in no way. She said she couldn’t hear, so I just repeated what the flight attendant say.”

Someone asked why the email was so perfectly positioned to read (and film).


Others commented on the shock of her being directly next to the woman, not a row or so over.


Others laughed at the absurdity of it, because it's just so nasty but delivered at such a slow pace you almost have to laugh.


In fact, many people commented on the woman's slow typing.






Others quoted the email, pointing out the flaws in it.


Still others took the time to identify the woman, who had her booking ticket out the whole time.


Others commented what they would have done in that scenario.


WestJet—who operates the airline this took place on—commented to The Daily Dot.

“We are aware of the incident and are working diligently to better understand the events that transpired."
"WestJet has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do."
"Our goal has always been to create a safe and inclusive environment for all and we take situations like this extremely seriously.”.

Unfortunately incidents like this one are quite common, so we'll probably see more of this coming in the future.