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TikToker's Advice About 'Sunning Your Holes' Every Day Gets An Emphatic 'NOPE' From Twitter

TikToker's Advice About 'Sunning Your Holes' Every Day Gets An Emphatic 'NOPE' From Twitter

A TikTok trend involving "sunning your holes" in an effort to "increase vibrations" has left the internet speechless.

Also known as "perineum sunning," one TikToker named Lauren Ann Kennedy claimed there are benefits to aiming your derriere upwards towards the sun.

In a video of her assuming the position, Kennedy wrote in the text overlay:

"People always ask me how I am so happy all the time."
"Sunning your holes for two minutes a day will increase your vibrations."

You can watch her mooning the sun here.

Immediate reactions from TikTokers were mostly "nope."

"The day I try this would be the same day google maps snaps an image of my backyard to update the satellite maps after five years," said a butt-shy user.

These TikTokers preferred to avoid a run-in with the law.

"My back garden backs on to a school field….I don’t fancy being arrested."
"My neighbours would call the police if I was in the garden sunning my holes."

The clip eventually made its way onto Twitter.

It took on a whole new life and gave amateur comedians a field day with a variety of memes.

All joking aside, one user shared a clip of a purported medical expert who advised against exposing the anal sphincter to the sun.

She explained the skin in that area is extremely sensitive to the sun's UV rays and the routine practice can put people at risk of all types of cancers–including squamous cancer, melanoma and basal cell cancer.

You can see their video here:

Perineum sunners claimed the technique gives you an intense dose of vitamin D for a boost of energy.

Dr. Susan Bard–a board-certified dermatologist in Brooklyn, New York–said the boost of energy and improved sleep "are the benefits of short sun exposure, regardless of location" on the body.

She added:

"There is no scientific evidence that supports exposing the perineum specifically."