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Mom Stunned By Orangutan's Ingenious Thinking After Her Son Drops His Bottle At Zoo Exhibit

TikToker CaShawna Wright filmed as the orangutan fashioned a device to successfully retrieve the bottle from outside the enclosure.

Orangutans retrieving baby bottle

A day at the zoo is full of all kinds of fascinating things to watch and observe, but perhaps nothing is so riveting as watching apes and monkeys go about their day in suspiciously human-like ways.

They are our closest ancestors after all, and every now and they do something that is so "they're just like us!" it kind of blows your mind—as TikToker CaShawna Wright can attest.

Wright, who goes by the username @cashinthecity on the app, has gone viral for her video showing the way an organutan at the Los Angeles Zoo jumped into quick-thinking action to retrieve her baby's bottle when he dropped it near the ape's enclosure.

The little orange guy did basically what any of us would have done in the same circumstances, and it's got people online feeling awed by nature.

See the video below.


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The incident happened during an outing to the zoo on February 17.

Wright and her son Cruze were trying to find their way out of the zoo when Wright realized they'd missed the primate exhibit, so they headed over to the orangutans for one last look.

Cruze got so excited by the organutans he dropped his bottle onto the ground, and it rolled into a pool of water adjacent to the orangutans' enclosure.

Wright called the zoo's office for help, but the ape got right to work first, using a piece of litter to create a current in the water that made the bottle drift closer to its reach.

Speaking to Yahoo Life, Wright said the wonder of the moment reminded her of her father, who passed away a few months ago.

“I didn’t expect what happened next. I was thinking in my mind, oh my gosh, this is something my dad would love to see. So, I started recording.”

Before long, the organutan's gambit had worked—he got to the bottle before the zoo's employees could and got to work sampling the tasty treat inside Cruze's bottle.

In a follow-up video, Wright detailed that the bottle contained diluted juice, and that she has since found out that the orangutan was not harmed by its sample of Cruze's beverage.


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And in another video, Wright mentioned how awestruck she was by the way the orangutan seemed to have outsmarted the zoo staff.


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On social media, people were just as awestruck by the ape's resourcefulness as Wright was.

Guess it's only a matter of time before Planet Of The Apes becomes real-life, huh?