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Woman Tells Asian Man Anti-Asian Hate Doesn't Really Exist: 'I'm Over That Whole Narrative'


In a moment of shocking ignorance, a woman told an Asian man to his face there is no anti-Asian hate in the United States.

Apparently she is entirely unaware of 150% increase in hate crimes against Asians since 2019.

The fairly unbelievable exchange was captured on video by the shocked young bar goer, who subsequently uploaded it to his TikTok page, @charleschoiboy, where it has now received over 300 thousand views.

WARNING: NSFW language


I’m gonna take a break. #stopasianhate

@charleschoiboy introduced the video by saying directly to the camera, "Welcome to racism at a bar I went to tonight", which was also captioned in all caps for the entirety of the video.

The video then cut to the scene of the incident, where a woman sitting on a nearby stool seemed to interrupt the conversation @charleschoiboy was having upon hearing him reference Asian hate, declaring her exhaustion of hearing about the very real problem in the Untied States.

"I just heard Asian hate, and I'm over that whole narrative."

Surprised by what he just heard, @charleschoiboy asked the woman if she truly believes there's no Asian hate, which she shockingly answered in the affirmative.

The woman backed up her belief Asian hate doesn't exist based on the fact she didn't "see the Asian community out there protesting over Asian hate"—something @charleschoiboy quickly corrected her on.

A recent report by AAPI Data revealed more than two million Asians and Pacific Islanders found themselves met with harassment, discrimination or even violence since the start of the pandemic.

But the woman remained unconvinced Asians face discrimination of any kind, and then declared she was a person of color.

Not backing down, the woman then asked @charleschoiboy if he, personally, "felt oppressed" and if so, how?

When @charleschoiboy declared he felt oppressed because he was a minority in the United States, he was greeted with groans from the woman and her two friends.

One of those two friends was an Asian woman, who scolded @charleschoiboy by telling him "Don't jump on the bandwagon dude."

Not convinced by his answer, the original woman demanded a more specific example of how he was being oppressed.

When @charleschoiboy told them he had encountered hate speech and was racially profiled, he was met with glares and eye rolling by the woman and her two friends, with the woman's Asian friend even pointing out how she was Asian and didn't feel any hate.

When @charleschoiboy finally brought up the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination as a result of the pandemic—with Covid-19 labeled "the China virus" and "kung-flu" by the former President—the woman, who now claimed to be a nurse, said it all was a "false narrative."

President Donald Trump referred to Covid-19 as the "China virus" multiple times both on Twitter and in press conferences.

Cutting back to a solo shot, @charleschoiboy ended the video by expressing his shock and disappointment the woman's Asian friend never came to his defense and how she felt Asian hate didn't exist because she never personally experienced it herself.

"It sucks 10 times worse when it's your own people, but apparently Asian hate isn't real, so I learned that tonight."
"That internalized racism, that belief that just because you don't experience something means that other people don't experience it, that everything has to do with your own self-actualization of real world events … blows my f*cking mind."
"I definitely love being told I don't experience racism, it's like up there … top five turn-ons, top five kinks."

While @charleschoiboy may not have had any allies in the bar that night, he found support on TikTok.

His video was re-posted by fellow TikToker @sameulhyun, who pointed out all the falsehoods in the woman's uninformed statements.

WARNING: NSFW language


@charleschoiboy respect for standing your ground and refusing to be gaslit 👏 #stopasianhate #stopaapihate #hateisavirus

In addition to including screenshots of headlines of the rise in cases of anti-Asian discrimination since the pandemic began, @samuelhyun also pointed out racism against Asians in the United States has been a pervazive systemic problem since the Chinese migrant workers came to America in the mid-19th century.

Another TikToker, @wakeupalphen21, also shared a portion of @charleschoiboy's original video, accompanied by screenshots of headlines of Asian hate crimes in the last year.

WARNING: NSFW language


@charleschoiboy hey man sorry you went through that. @ririmochi

The comments section of @charleschoiboy's original post was filled with anger and disbelief.






There was also a noticeable lack of sympathy towards the woman declaring she was a person of color, as her racial/ethnic background did not justify her behavior.






Several commenters also pointed out the woman only need enter "Asian hate" in a web search to see the inaccuracy of her claims.

Should she enter that term now, she might be surprised to find herself included in the results.