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TikToker Sparks Backlash After Saying He Won't Dance With His Wife Due To Her Poor Dancing Skills

TikToker Sparks Backlash After Saying He Won't Dance With His Wife Due To Her Poor Dancing Skills

A video of a man subtly dissing his wife's dance skills at a wedding sparked backlash on TikTok.

On July 9, family vlogger Niko Valdes–a.k.a. TikToker @babyfaceniko–posted a clip of his wife having a good time on the dance floor at a wedding reception while he observes from afar.

The text overlay reads:

“My wife on the dance floor ‘killin it'.”

The quotation marks indicated sarcasm aimed at the wife grooving with her friends to the tune "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli.

The camera cuts to selfie mode, showing an apathetic Valdes before he slowly downs a glass of champagne by himself.

Valdes captioned the photo with:

"She wonders why i don’t want to dance with her."

You can see the video here.


She wonders why i don’t want to dance with her… @cristalallure

The clip racked up 3.4 millions views by August 22.

While the ribbing of her dancing may have been in jest, the video sparked backlash from viewers who didn't appreciate the fact Valdes appeared "ashamed" of his lovely wife's dancing.

Many TikTokers said he was undeserving of her.

Others suggested someone else should swoop in and dance with her.





His wife appeared to gain more admiration.





TikToker @peppapigismyreligion used the viral clip as part of a duet to shame Valdes by adding him to an ongoing.

The clip showed them typing:

"80.) the guy who refused to dance with his wife then posted her dancing alone.”

shoutout to @cropdustingwholefoods for tagging me our first follower submission 🥳 anyways everyone boo this mf for trying to embarrass his wife 🍅🍅🍅

The duet reached over 6 million views as of August 22.

The comments were filled with TikTokers sharing similar stories of being left to dance alone without their significant other.

One commenter wrote:

“My ex husband refused to dance with me on our wedding day."
"He crushed my heart and I regretted marrying him the day of our wedding.”

Another said:

“Mine complained our entire first dance bc he ‘hates dancing’ but then had a blast dancing with other women at his friend’s wedding."

Based on the stories shared above, it unfortunately sounds like solo dancing at weddings due to an unwilling partner is a red flag scenario.

This TikToker agreed.

"Had an ex who refused to dance with me at my best friend's wedding. can confirm, red flag."

Others shared stories of how they didn't get it right the first time but eventually found their happily ever after with one who gets it.

A TikToker named Alicia said:

"My ex hated disney movies. my current boyfriend knows every song from moana and beauty and the beast. i am so lucky."

And Kendra wrote:

"My ex husband refused to dance with me, even at my best friend's wedding; my wife dances with me to no music in the kitchen."

So far Valdes appears to be sitting out responding to his critics as well.