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TikTok Prankster Tries Messing With The Absolute Wrong Stranger—And Instantly Regrets It

TikTok Prankster Tries Messing With The Absolute Wrong Stranger—And Instantly Regrets It

A TikToker found himself messing with the wrong guy when he pulled a prank on an unsuspecting stranger and wound up being wrestled to the ground.

Such stunts backfiring like this are an example of the risks involved whenever a prankster tries to elicit a bewildered reaction for the sake of giggles, but that was a chance a TikToker named Jay was willing to take.

His TikTok channel has over 23 million followers and features various pranks, including him running into people's shopping carts and touching other people's food in a mall food court.

For his next prank, he used a large white PVC pipe to use as a megaphone to alarm his next victim.

The stunt is a recurring scare tactic on his channel which involves yelling the word, "muñañyo"–a variant of the word Muñeño that means "Big Mexican C*ck," according to Urban Dictionary.

This time, however, it epically failed.

You could see what happens next, here.


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The tables turned quickly when the guy immediately turned around, picked Jay up and threw him to the ground.

While he was pinned to the floor, Jay yelled out, "it's just a joke" as the unamused customer yelled, "ain't no joke. Don't f'k with me, bro. Don't f'k with me!"

A clip of the TikTok stunt shared by the Twitter account, Out of Context Human, was viewed over 5.9 million times.

Many people didn't understand the humor and said the jokester got off lucky.

A number of users mentioned the guy who put him in a chokehold could have suffered from PTSD.

Some people were impressed and thought the man's intense physical response was unnecessary.

Some viewers were skeptical over the video's authenticity and that of others on his channel.

Whether it was staged or not, the outcome is an adequate example of what could go wrong if you sneak up on someone who doesn't share your brand of humor.