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Viral TikTok Claiming A Couple 'Truly In Love' Acts Like A Mother And Child Sparks Heated Debate

Viral TikTok Claiming A Couple 'Truly In Love' Acts Like A Mother And Child Sparks Heated Debate

In a move straight out of the DSM-V, a TikTok claiming when a couple is truly in love it's akin to a mother and son relationship is going viral on the social media platform.

The nature of the claim has sparked major debate.

The viral TikTok, posted by Lucia, better known by her TikTok handle @luciadavoo, compares romantic, heterosexual relationships to that of a mother and son.

You can see the controversial video here:


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The video has over 6 million views, nearly 885,000 likes, and 14,500 comments.

It left many TikTok users stunned.

Many were also quick to point out how Dr. Sigmund Freud would love this admission.





The 13 second clip shows Lucia enjoying various moments throughout her relationship with her boyfriend with audio and text overlaying the video montage.

The narration accompanying the video reads:

"When a boy is truly in love, he will act like a child."
"But when a girl is truly in love she will act like a mother."

The audio—from Mitch Mullins—recently gained traction on social media.

People have taken to creating their own videos utilizing the sound clip.

While the narration may currently be wildly popular, its use as part of romantic couples' videos caused TikTokers to do a double take and point out the seemingly inappropriate comparisons being made.



What's known as the Oedipal complex was coined by the late neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, in his book Interpretation of Dreams.

Freud first introduced the concept of the Oedipal complex in 1899 and described it as a son’s unconscious desires for his mother during the psychosexual stages of development.

Freud claimed—in addition to these apparent feelings of lust for their mother—the child often feels a sense of jealousy and rivalry towards their father.

The name derives from the story of Oedipus—a mythical Greek king of Thebes who killed his father and married his mother.