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Greta Thunberg Expertly Shuts Down Amy Coney Barrett Over Her 'Views' On Climate Change

Greta Thunberg Expertly Shuts Down Amy Coney Barrett Over Her 'Views' On Climate Change
Maja Hitij/Getty ImagesStefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, is proving alarming for progressives in quite a few ways.

In addition to using worryingly outdated language to refer to the LGBTQ+ community and refusing to answer questions about how she would rule on landmark cases that are now being challenged in lower appellate courts by the states, she also said she had "no firm views" in regards to climate change--a very firm threat to the Earth's very existence.

However, climate activist Greta Thunberg wasted no time in reiterating that climate change isn't a matter of opinion--it's just a fact.

Climate change as a fact of the 21st century isn't a political view: climate scientists have, time and again, presented irrefutable evidence that the earth's climate is changing.

Barrett denied on the second day of hearings as well to affirm whether or not she believed climate change was real (which it is.)

Barrett's response simply states:

"I will not do that, I will not express a view on a matter of public policy, especially one that is politically controversial."

Climate change is a fact, rather than a matter of controversial public opinion.

And the link between GOP politicians and fossil fuel companies, which generally produce higher carbon emissions than any other industries on planet earth combined, has not gone unnoticed in recent years.

So, if GOP politicians are receiving donations from the fossil fuel industry, it stands to reason they might know about the consequences of climate change--just as they knew of the consequences and dangers of our current pandemic.