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This Video Of A Bride And Groom's First Dance Has A Twist Ending That Has Twitter LOLing


A bride and her groom sharing their first dance is a special tradition seen at most wedding receptions.

But not every couple's first dance tugs at the heartstrings.

This one has a frighteningly funny twist, and it was a graveyard smash.

A video of a happily married couple lovingly gazing into each other's eyes as they dance is going viral for a different reason.

Watch the clip below posted by creator, Eric Weiss, who asked viewers to:

"Wait for it."

The camera panning away from the couple to reveal the mystery guest silently observing the time-honored ritual from a distance is winning on Twitter.

Weddings are a cause for celebration, indeed. But the reception where two families converge with alcohol involved can be a strange place for children.

With activities like cutting the cake in tandem, the garter toss, the first dance where guests just stare; what could be going through this little monster's mind?

Suddenly, we all want her at our weddings like she's at Sleep No More – the theatrical experience where the audience wears masks to separate themselves from the actors in shared spaces.

The creepy cutie sparked inspiration for a new tradition.

Whoever the creature's parents are, they scored some points for their creation.

Sentimentality is overrated.

Plot twist: The girl was there alone, and nobody knew who she was.

I'm kidding. Or am I?


The ultimate creepy kids movie, Village of the Damned is available as both the 1960 original, here, and John Carpenter's remake, here.