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This Mind-Boggling Math About Pizza Is Here To Help You Get More Bang For Your Buck 😮🍕

Pexels / Twitter: @SJTechy

As we all know, pizza is an ultimate good.

We want the most pizza possible in all situations.

So when it comes to ordering, it makes sense that if you want more food—like say you're ordering for a small army of children, or you and drunk you—ordering more pizzas is going to get you more pizza. Fam I am here to tell you we have been bamboozled!

Ordering more pizzas does not, in fact, get you more pizzas. In this case, size matters. That "family meal deal" of two medium pizzas, a side, and a 2 liter sounds great—but two medium pizzas is actually less pizza than you'd get if you just got one large.

The thing is, most of us should have known this. If you had the privilege of a formal education, you likely got a lesson in finding the area of a circle. Pizza was probably even the example that the book used!

We just didn't think to question it.

Of course two is more than one. Even if you order pizzas by size it makes sense, right? Two 12 inch pizzas is more than one 18 inch pizza, because 24 is more than 18.

But it's lies, you guys. Sweet little lies.

We had the tools. We had the knowledge.

The truth was there in plain sight, but we got complacent. Pinterest was right.

Question Everything.

People are feeling pretty lied to right now.

Other people were excited to finally have a real world use for textbook math.

Oh, you didn't think you were getting through an article about pizza without getting into a crust fight, did you?

Don't be silly.

Of course people argued about pizza crust.

So there we go guys.

Crustwars2019 is off to a solid start and now you are better prepped for making the important pizza decisions in life. Remember, this also works for other round foods like cakes and pies.

You've got the knowledge, use it well. You're welcome.

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