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These Theories About How 'Roseanne' Might Write Roseanne Out Of The Show Are Too Brilliant 😂

These Theories About How 'Roseanne' Might Write Roseanne Out Of The Show Are Too Brilliant 😂
(Nick Somoski/Youtube, @entropysatori/Twitter)

ABC officially greenlit the rumored Roseanne spinoff after the network pulled the plug on the revived sitcom's second season. The initial cancellation came swiftly after Roseanne Barr tweeted a vile and racist comment that compared former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

Now that the dust settled on the controversy, the remaining cast members are preparing to reunite for the new show, but speculation as to how the spinoff will proceed without its matriarch has the Internet buzzing.

The new show is tentatively titled: The Connors, and will center on Dan (John Goodman) and Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) as the main focus.

Fans of the show, while relieved they'll still see some of their favorite characters, are wondering how writers will kill off Roseanne. Many are skeptical as to whether the program's new formula without the show's namesake character could thrive on their own.

Twitter had a few theories as to how The Connors will give mom a viable sendoff.

Jonathan suggests Roseanne is still alive and well. We'll just never see her.

Fact and fiction become blurred in Lanford, Illinois.

Hire Ashton Kutcher to give Roseanne the Two and a Half Men treatment by replacing its contentious star.

Remember the sticom's lousy season 10 finale? Here's a proposal to reverse that blunder.

Someone made a case to justify her frequent absence from home.

The show can take a cue modeled after the website: "Garfield Minus Garfield," in which the titular cat was removed from the comic strips, leaving a lonely Jon Arbuckle searching for a reason to exist.

There's a new resident over at the cuckoo's nest.

There's drama at the border.

She becomes one of Trump's henchmen.

There's room for her in space.

She emulates 45's favorite pastime: tweeting.

Plausible and relevant.

Tune into The Connors this fall on ABC and find out which of these theories came closest to fruition.

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