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The Highest Paid YouTube Star Of The Year Is Just 7 Years Old—And We're Reassessing Our Lives

Photo via @ChannelNewsAsia - Twitter @ayshardzn

We know it's not right to be jealous of a child, but still.

Forbes put out its list of the top ranking YouTube stars and seven-year-old Ryan of Ryan ToysReviews takes the number one spot, earning $22 million with over 26 billion views.

While most of the top earners are making money from playing video games, young Ryan is doing science experiments and asking his mother if they can pretend to go to outer space.

But mostly what Ryan does is act like a seven year old and play with toys, lots and lots of toys and all we can do is say, "Why didn't we think of that?"

Start having kids now to plan for your retirement.

It's those dang kids I tell ya!

We want in on the action.

So unfair, Ryan has this locked down.

Well into the future.

Back to the grind for the rest of us.

We're right behind ya, sister.

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