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Texas Republican Praises Pandemic For Saving More Lives Than It's Taking After Abortion Clinics Are Forced To Close

Kathaleen Wall

The current pandemic faced by the United States has upended the daily lives of countless Americans.

In the process, it's confirming the true colors and priorities of numerous lawmakers and government officials.

Kathaleen Wall is the latest GOP official to show voters what her priorities are.

The Texas State Republican Executive Committee member and 22nd district Congressional candidate showed her potential constituents what her focus would be if elected to Congress.

In a Facebook post, Wall bragged about shutting down abortion facilities thanks to the virus.

Wall said that the virus was saving more lives than it was taking because the government of Texas issued an executive order banning unnecessary medical procedures during the pandemic.

Abortion, according to Texas AG Ken Patrick, is unnecessary for those seeking it. Numerous elective surgeries and procedures have been sidelined to make room for those suffering from the virus.

But medical officials disagree that all abortions should be postponed in the face of the pandemic.

Wall was slammed for her insensitivity.

Astonishingly enough, Wall's post came just after her state's Lieutenant Governor said that businesses across the country should be reopened despite the risk to citizens—especially the elderly who disproportionately succumb to the virus.

His reasoning?

Elderly people would be willing to sacrifice their safety and their lives for the stability of the economy.

Her post laid bare the hypocrisy of the pro-life birth movement.

Not a good look.