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Anti-LGBTQ+ Preacher Slams Women Who Wear Pants As 'Crossdressers' In Bonkers Sermon

Anti-LGBTQ+ Preacher Slams Women Who Wear Pants As 'Crossdressers' In Bonkers Sermon

An Evangelical Christian preacher infamous for his misogyny and anti-LGBTQ+ views during his sermons went off on a rant suggesting women who wore pants were crossdressing.

Brother Duncan Urbanek is a member of the Stedfast Baptist Church in North Texas, which has been designated by The Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group whose often violent rhetoric could incite harm against the LGBTQ+ community.

During a recent sermon, Urbanek used homophobic slurs and urged male members of the church to burn their wives' possessions.

“People want to get so riled up," he began.

"Yeah! F*gs are an abomination. God hates ’em. Well, didn’t it just say if you’re a crossdresser, you’re an abomination too?”
“Now obviously it’s not as bad as being a fa**ot. But God is still very upset with your sin.”

You can watch the video of his sermon that was posted on Tuesday, here.

WARNING: NSFW language

He continued with his misogynistic directive.

“No what should we do about that, knowing this as Christians? If you’re a woman and you own any pants, throw them away. Light them on fire."
"If you’re a man and your wife has pants, throw them away. And if she yells at you, so be it. Throw them away. That’s a good fight to be in.”

Urbanek bizarrely mentioned if he was caught wearing a dress and that image circulated online, he would "do everything in my power to get rid of that picture."

He further stressed how he would do anything to get rid of the incriminating photo if someone hypothetically had it in their possession.

"Like, man, I gotta find the owner of it and persuade him. I gotta pay him off. Like, man, please delete that picture.”

The preacher quipped:

“You know, there is no picture of me wearing a dress because I’m never going to put one on."

And he continued doubling down on his statement while awkwardly chuckling.

"I don’t own any and I don’t want to wear any. And women should have that same standard.”

LGBTQ Nation noted there was "no Biblical injunction that’s specifically about women and pants" and when the Bible was written "trousers weren’t part of the Jewish wardrobe and men wore tunics and robes."

The Stedfast Baptist Church is currently based in Watauga. They were previously evicted from Hurst after LGBTQ+ allies gathered at the location and protested against the church's anti-gay rhetoric.

Prior to that, the church was located in Fort Worth. A former preacher praised the 2016 Pulse shooting in Florida where 49 people were killed and 53 were wounded by a gunman.

In June, one of the church pastors, Pastor Dillion Awes, lambasted Pride month and strongly suggested gay people "should be put to death" and "lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head."

The sermon—titled "Why We Won't Shut Up"—was met with rousing applause from the congregation.