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Tennessee Senate Votes In Favor Of Erecting A Statue Honoring 'Victims Of Abortion'

Tennessee Senate Votes In Favor Of Erecting A Statue Honoring 'Victims Of Abortion'
Photo by Jordan McAlister via Getty Images

Tennessee's state Senate is attempting to build a monument with the inscription Tennessee Monument to Unborn Children, In Memory of the Victims of Abortion: Babies, Women, and Men. The statue will be placed on the grounds of the State Capitol.

In a vote of 23-3, the Republican led state Senate passed a bill requiring the Capital to "develop and implement a plan for the commissioning of the Tennessee Monument to Unborn Children."

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Jerry Sexton and Sen. Steve Southerland and will be funded by undisclosed non-state resources. Rep. Bill Dunn (R) likened the statue memorializing those murdered in the Holocaust, saying:

Both of these monuments that are already here recognize the atrocities occurred because human beings were treated as less than human. In both cases, the vulnerable and defenseless were subjected to the will of the powerful. The taking of life of the baby in the womb is related to this brand of inhumanity.

Dunn went on to add that the statue wasn't only for fetuses it would also honor:

...women coerced into abortions, the fathers who can't protect their unborn child, the brothers and sisters who lose a sibling and the society as a whole who becomes coarsened because life is cheapened.

This monument isn't the first memorial Tennessee has elected to place for the "victims" of abortion. In 1994 The National Memorial for the Unborn was erected in Chattanooga.

People had some strong reactions.

This suggestions was given for Planned Parenthood.

Or perhaps this suggestion.

Many were concerned about the money being spent.

Unfortunately this tweet is true.

H/T: Huffington Post