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Teen Totally Freaked Out After His 'Crazy' Girlfriend Tried To Push Him Off A Cliff As A 'Joke'

Teen Totally Freaked Out After His 'Crazy' Girlfriend Tried To Push Him Off A Cliff As A 'Joke'

An 18-year-old young man turned to Reddit for some advice after his 20-year old girlfriend's latest prank could have had deadly consequences.

Redditor throwra-knowledge posted:

"My girlfriend tried to push me off a cliff as a 'joke'."

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

"My girlfriend is completely crazy but mostly in a good way. Spontaneous is an understatement."

"Sometimes she goes too far but I love her for her crazy personality. I am more relaxed and we balance each other out."

"Two recent incidents really freaked me out though and I need advice."

"I was driving on a highway with a lot of traffic. We were going maybe 40 mph."

"She suddenly started tickling me and wouldn't stop when I yelled at her. I jammed on the brake and someone almost hit us from behind."

"I asked her what the f'k is wrong with her but she just laughed about it and told me to chill. I said 'what would make you want to do that?' and she said '[I don't know], just felt like it'."

"Then last Saturday I was hiking with her and I was standing near this steep cliff. I'm usually wary of her because you never know what she's gonna do even though it's usually just a prank or something."

"I let my guard down and she went behind me and pushed me towards the cliff and I swear I almost fell off. She did it hard and I ended up right at the edge."

"She was laughing so hard."

"I freaked out and started screaming at her and I may have been out of line but holy sh*t. She laughed about it at first but then she started crying and saying she was so sorry."

"The next day she started texting me saying that she didn't mean any harm and she just 'didn't know' that I would get so mad at her for doing that."

"Am I crazy for even thinking about this?"

"Is it possible she's just immature and if I get back with her she'll be different? I'm kind of lonely and I really love her but this really made me rethink the situation because now I feel like she's legit crazy, not just fun crazy."

"I just remembered that she told me a story when we first met about how she tricked an allergic friend into eating some nuts and how funny it was. I guess I shouldn't have written that off."

"Thanks for your advice."

Redditors felt the relationship was not healthy for the young man.

"Your gf has a serious problem. Especially seeing you say she gave an allergic friend nuts bc she thought was funny is just frightening."

"This is not normal this isn't even considered a crazy personality she has serious mental issues that need to be professionally addressed." ~ tokenchild73

"I'd be worried she's a sociopath."

"She obviously enjoys endangering other peoples life to the point she keeps doing it over and over again."

"One day she will actually kill someone." ~ DitLaS

The OP provided an update.

"I've been thinking a lot and I decided that I'm ending my relationship with her."

"This isn't easy for me. It's hard because I've been with her for almost two years, but it's even harder because now I feel a ton of guilt myself as I remembered things that I ignored, and how I was only worried about her after I became the victim. I mentioned that point in the other thread, but I feel even worse about it now."

"I know I was stubborn in the last thread but I listened to everyone's advice very carefully. You all helped so much."

"When people brought up the sadism aspect, it sort of clicked. I don't know if it was stupidity or selfishness, but I didn't think of her that way until this week."

"I just ignored everything she did. I thought about some memories using this new perspective."

"I remember early this year her dad got her a job at the front desk at this apartment complex. It's hard to explain this place because it was sort of a luxury place and most apartments aren't like this, but I was there once or twice to pick her up and I remember what the building looked like."

"There were a lot of older people living there and right near the entrance of the building there was an elevator which only went up. Then there was the main elevator which was kind of far down a long hallway."

"She had to call that first elevator down after the person was approved to go into the building. One time me and her were smoking and just chilling talking about stuff.

"She was laughing to me about how she would sometimes disable the up elevator and pretend it was out of order, and then she'd watch these older/handicapped people walk down this long hallway to get to the main elevator."

"She got fired pretty quickly anyway because she activated the fire alarm when there was no fire. When they asked her what happened she pretended that the computer was glitching and she couldn't stop it, but they believed she did it on purpose so they fired her."

"I'm sure some people could have been injured during the chaos. I guess the alarm must have disabled the elevators so everyone had to grab their stuff and run down the stairs as quickly as possible."

"I can imagine all these elderly people going down so many flights of stairs. I don't think anyone was injured but they did fire her and maybe they're still investigating."

"I don't know if it could help, but I'm gonna call that place and tell them what she told me and how she admitted to pulling the alarm on purpose. That will help my conscience out a lot."

"Like I said, I feel terrible about ignoring this stuff."

"You might think I'm an idiot or a terrible person myself. I don't know what to say but when I really thought about this stuff, I decided I couldn't be with her."

"I know people will criticize me and that's fine. This is an update but also a confession [to be honest] (tbh) because I have to get that off my chest. And there's a bunch of other stories too that she told me or that I saw myself."

"I enjoyed her craziness tbh even though I was always on edge but I thought of it as her being fun and spontaneous instead of sadistic. I guess I'm pretty weird myself."

"I responded to her texts this morning because she was starting to get angry and was sending a lot more texts. I told her I was really sick and thought she shouldn't be near me, but that we might be able to hang out again in a week or two."

"I said I wasn't mad at her anymore and I just didn't respond because I was sick. I just told her that to get her off my back and to give myself time to prepare for the break up because I don't know how she's gonna react and I want to be safe."

"For example she has keys to my house and I'm living with other people including kids so I want to change the locks and make sure we're not tied together in any other ways before I do an official breakup."