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Teacher Fired From Catholic School For Violating Morality Clause—And People Are Torn

It seems strange to think that, in this day and age, an unwed pregnant woman could be fired simply for being unwed and pregnant, but that's exactly what happened to a teacher in Pennsylvania.

Though she would have preferred to keep her job, high school teacher Naiad Reich understands why she was fired. Reich, who lives with her boyfriend and doesn't plan on getting married any time soon, is having a baby. This violates the morality code at the Catholic private school, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School, in Coal Township, Pennsylvania, where Reich taught English and creative writing.

Reich told CBS Philly that she understands the school's point of view, saying:

"This is their beliefs and their moral code and what they live by and I understand that. Though I don't agree with it, I understand."

Unmarried Pennsylvania Teacher Fired Over Pregnancy At Catholic School

Reich seems to have come to terms with her dismissal, but not everyone on social media understands the decision.

Others felt the school was within their rights to act upon their own beliefs.

James Martin, a Jesuit priest, made this interesting point, which started a whole new discussion.

Maybe the simplest answer is that, if the sins are hidden, the sinners get a pass.

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