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Taylor Swift Has To Ditch Rain-Damaged Piano During Concert After It Starts Playing On Its Own

Taylor Swift was visibly startled on stage during her 'Eras Tour' show as her keyboard started playing notes on its own after it was damaged during a very wet show in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Screenshots of Taylor Swift during concert

Taylor Swift powered through an entire concert during a downpour at her Foxborough, Massachusetts show over the weekend and showed up to do it again the very next night.

And while TSwift walked away from the previous night's dramatic rainfall unscathed and unbothered, her piano was singing a different tune... and on its very own, at that.

Swift even thanked her fans via Instagram for literally braving the storm, calling them an "iconic crowd."

And while less than ideal weather certainly wasn't on the set list, what happened the following night was something even TSwift couldn't shake off.

During Sunday night's show, as Swift sat down to play her upright floral-embellished piano, it began to play notes all by itself.

Clearly startled, she asked the crowd:

“Do you hear that!? Is that happening for you, too!?”

She then went on to explain that the previous night's rain likely damaged the keyboard as it was "literally under water," as she described.

Swift continued:

“I didn’t know how any of the instruments were working last night."

Ever-so-flawlessly, though, the "Red" singer switched over to her guitar to perform the number.

You can watch the moment below.

People on social media chimed in.

Some think maybe something else was going on...

And everyone applauded her for trekking on despite the hiccup.

A few also wondered if perhaps Swift was caught using a little musical assistance.

Whatever the cause may have been - we're going with the rain, - Swift pulled it off like a champ. Her piano, however, may have seen its last stage.