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'Twilight' Star Taylor Lautner Reveals People Have Been Saying His Name Wrong 'For Decades'

The actor set the record straight during an interview on 'The Unplanned Podcast'—but ultimately said 'I just go with whatever.'

Taylor Lautner
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for CMT

Here's an embarrassing one for us all. Taylor Lautner, the actor known best for his role as Jacob in the Twilight series movie adaptations, revealed recently that everyone's been pronouncing his name wrong for a decade.

In an interview on 'The Unplanned Podcast,' the actor revealed that instead of "LOT-ner," as most people have been calling him since he first shot to stardom as one of the romantic leads in the blockbuster movie series, his last name is actually pronounced "LOUT-ner."

"OW" as in ouch that's a long time to have your name be mispronounced.

He said it was ultimately his fault, as he was new to show business and wasn't sure how to correct people after the first time, and then it just became the way people pronounced it.

So much so that he's pretty chill about it these days.

"I just go with whatever."

People were shocked that they had been pronouncing his name wrong for years.

Some were in denial.

Folks were clarifying for others how to pronounce it.

Others were happy for the lesson.

Still others wondered if they pronounce anything right anymore.

People with names that get mispronounced chimed in, saying they empathized with Lautner.

For a guide on how to pronounce often-mispronounced celebrity names, The Today Show put together a helpful guide.