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QAnon Rep's Attempt At Mocking Pro-Choice Catholics In Congress Blows Up In Her Face

QAnon Rep's Attempt At Mocking Pro-Choice Catholics In Congress Blows Up In Her Face
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Republican Georgia Representative and QAnon weirdo Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again landed herself on the business end of the internet's ire after she attempted to make a religious joke about congressional Catholics.

Greene aimed her sights at Catholics for Choice, a pro-abortion rights organization, who clapped back at Greene on Twitter after she said in an interview that no one in Congress "believes in God."

Greene attempted a clap back to the clap back but, as usual when Republicans try to make jokes, it fell flat and the internet has been roasting her for it for a good 36 hours.

See the exchange below.

Quote-tweeting Catholics for Choice, who hit back at the rhetoric Greene spewed in an interview with far-right network Real America's Voice, Greene tweeted:

"Catholics for Choice?"
"Do you guys meet in the same building as the Atheists for Jesus?"

Sick burn, MTG...

This flap all began following a shouting match Greene got into a shouting match with Democratic Michigan Representative Debbie Dingell about abortion-rights legislation, in which Dingell chided Greene that she should act the way she would act at church with her congressional colleagues.

This didn't sit well with Greene, owing to the fact that her Democratic colleagues are all atheists, according to her.

As she told Real America's Voice:

"All of them voted for this bill that is actually producing genocide in the Black population because they put Planned Parenthood mostly in these Black-dominated neighborhoods, and you know, they're just pushing abortion and birth control."
"When we're passing bills like that, no one in here believes in God."

Not one word of that is true: substantially more White women have abortions than Black women, and among House Democrats 78% are Christians and only 6% claim no religion at all.

This led Catholics for Choice to set the record straigh, and the clap-back war between the two commenced.

But Greene's response to Catholics for Choice impressed pretty much no one on Twitter, and they let her know by roasting her with examples of her own decidedly un-Christian behavior.

Your move, MTG.