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Rachel Weisz Just Found Out She Was Taron Egerton's Childhood Crush—And Her Reaction Is Gold

The actors sat down for 'Variety''s 'Actors on Actors' when Egerton's old admission on 'Watch What Happens Live' was played for Weisz.

Screenshot of Taron Egerton; screenshot of Rachel Weisz
Taron Egerton & Rachel Weisz | Actors on Actors/Variety/YouTube

Last week, Taron Egerton and Rachel Weisz sat down to interview each other for Variety's YouTubeseries Actors on Actors.

The two had a seemingly enjoyable time discussing Weisz's performance in Dead Ringers and Egerton's in Black Bird.

But in the middle of their conversation, Weisz was shown a video of Egerton's appearance on Watch What Happens Live in which the actor revealed his childhood crush was none other than his interviewer Rachel Weisz.

You can watch the uncomfortably entertaining moment below.


#taronegerton's celebrity crush is #rachelweisz. #actorsonactors

Clearly embarrassed, Egerton laughed:

"I can't believe you are doing that to me."

He continued, addressing his discomfort:

"So, here we are... here we are now sitting in the awkwardness."

But Weisz was ever so lovely about it all, gushing:

"Well, I'm very honored."

She then tried to assuage Egerton's humiliation by revealing her own childhood crush.

"I think mine was Marc Almond from Soft Cell."

But Egerton hilariously expressed he had enough of the conversation.

"You're not gonna let us move past this moment."

Weisz laughed:

"No no no. Sorry, sorry."
"Moving swiftly on. What were you going to say before, though... you were just about to say something."

Egerton even mentioned the awkward moment in his Instagram post about the episode, captioning it:

"Worth watching just to see me squirm when they played Rachel a clip of me saying she's my childhood crush. Nightmare."

Viewers of the segment, though, assured Egerton he had no reason to be embarrassed.





They did, however, get a little chuckle out of the exchange.








You can watch the full episode below.