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Man Raises Over $10,000 To Tap Dance At Midnight To Annoy His Trump-Loving Downstairs Neighbor

Man Raises Over $10,000 To Tap Dance At Midnight To Annoy His Trump-Loving Downstairs Neighbor
@AZiemak / Twitter

We live in a world where many people wear their political opinions on their sleeves. Hop on social media and you can often pick out the important political views someone has.

Sometimes being so open with your political views can ward off those who don't agree with you, or be inviting to those who do.

Sometimes you're practically telling people to prank you.

If you've visited downtown Cleveland recently, you might have seen this sign.

That sign was put up by the upstairs tenant named Jett Croisant. Croisant's downstairs neighbor has a "Trump 2020" sign, along with a strange edited photo of Donald Trump as Rambo.

Seeing this, Croisant thought he'd have a laugh and placed his own sign in his window directly above his neighbor's.

His sign says,


And another, smaller sign that says,

"BIDEN 2020"

It was a funny little joke, that he wasn't expecting to go anywhere, but people online seemed to really enjoy it.

They seemed to really enjoy it. A lot.

As Croisant explained to Buzzfeed News, he "expected to get $3" for the joke from a few people. However, when the sign was shared online, it took off.

The fact that there are still people willing to be very vocal about their support of the current president probably helped share it further.

Croisant started getting a lot of money sent to his Venmo account. When it was shared by a Twitter user named "Mike", it took off further, getting hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands retweets.

Over the course of a few days, Croisant received thousands of dollars.

"Every two to three seconds, I was getting Venmo'd money. It didn't slow down until Friday."

"Today it's picked up again, and donations are starting to get bigger. The biggest donation I've gotten is $50 a couple of times."

And so, he decided to donate the funds to the ACLU.

This become a massive event, so Croisant has said he'll be providing receipts of the donation to ensure everything is above board.

But the dance is important too, with someone even offering to send Croisant some tap shoes for the eventual dance. Since so many have gotten to invested in this situation, he's offered to film the tap dance, so everyone can feel they got their money's worth.

Which, seems pretty legit.

But some feel this might be a bit much for someone that Croisant has never even met.

Since the spread of the sign some accounts, both intentional and accidental, have received donations meant for Croisant. If you're thinking of donating yourself, make sure it's @JET513.

While Croisant is a little annoyed with his neighbor's sign, he doesn't have any malice for them.

"I just want to annoy them a little bit 'cause they've been annoying me with their sign in their window."

Hopefully his downstairs neighbor has the same sense of humor at being annoyed.