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Viral Supercut Of Fox Nation Handing Out 'Patriot Awards' Is Just As Bonkers As You'd Expect

Viral Supercut Of Fox Nation Handing Out 'Patriot Awards' Is Just As Bonkers As You'd Expect

The Patriot Awards were given out last week and the internet cannot believe an awards show for the so-called Patriot Awards even exists. And of course, Fox News was involved.

For those of you unaware, Fox Nation—the streaming platform for Fox News—had an awards show last week.

Right-wing anchors, Republican politicians, and thinly veiled fascists congratulated each other on their attempts to rip off the American people.

But somehow the scenes from the ceremony are even stranger than you'd expect.

In the above video shared by The Recount, multiple weird things happen.

Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth showed off a jacket lined with an American flag as some kind of show of patriotism. He also claimed America is "the awesomest".

Laura Ingraham made a joke about Dr. Anthony Fauci and his support for masks, a fairly normal position to advocate for in a global pandemic.

The whole clip ended with the crowd chanting "Let's Go Brandon" the very uncreative dig at President Joe Biden.

The whole thing felt like a bad satire.

The Patriot Awards weren't just a fever dream brought to life—they were also a moment for Fox News to show their hypocrisy.

The 2021 Patriot Awards had a requirement for attendees to either be vaccinated or present a recent negative test result for COVID-19. This is surprising considering the opinions pushed by some of the attendees.

It's hard to believe the show could be so bonkers.

The internet couldn't believe how weird the Patriot Awards show was, but Fox News has been weird lately.

Earlier this month, they had to reassure they believed Joe Biden was actually the President, which addresses a number of conspiracy theories held by some on the right.