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QAnon Rep. Furious After Someone Stole Her 'Let's Go Brandon' Sign Off The Wall Outside Her Office

QAnon Rep. Furious After Someone Stole Her 'Let's Go Brandon' Sign Off The Wall Outside Her Office
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative and QAnon conspiracy theory supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene—often referred to by her initials MTG—made headlines on Wednesday for complaining someone stole a sign from her.

Greene took to Twitter to complain someone had stolen a sign she posted outside of her office at the Capitol building.

The sign was an anti-President Joe Biden sign that read "Let's Go Brandon."

"Let's go Brandon" has become a popular anti-Biden sentiment among the followers of former President Donald Trump, who strongly believe conspiracy theories Trump was robbed of reelection in 2020 or is secretly still President or is planning to run in 2024 with deceased Democrat John F Kennedy, Jr.—it's hard to keep track.

QAnon believes there's a secret cabal of satanic, pedophilic, baby eating cannibals with wildfire causing Jewish space lasers who run a global sex trafficking ring and used their Jewish space lasers to start wildfires in an attempt to cost Trump his reelection.

MTG has been on the front lines of spreading several of those fanciful flights of fancy as fact.

As for MTG's missing sign, the slogan she wants displayed outside her congressional office became a popular anti-Biden slogan after a NASCAR sportscaster misheard—perhaps deliberately—a NASCAR crowd chanting "f*ck Joe Biden" as "let's go Brandon."

Thus, "let's go Brandon" and FJB have become the latest low hanging fruit deemed clever repartee in the QAnon/MAGA community.

Greene—who just days ago scoffed at the events that occurred on January 6 in which Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building to protest Trump losing and try to stop the certification of President Biden's electoralcollege win while causing millions of dollars in damages—is now distraught someone stole her cleverly covert "f*ck Joe Biden" sign.

The January 6 insurrection cost over $30 million in damages, including damages to historical murals, statues, and furniture. During the events, one of the violent mob was shot and killed while trying to break into the House chamber where members of Congress were sheltering in place.

In addition, 138 police officers sustained injuries during the riot and Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick—who also suffered injuries in clashes with the violent MAGA mob that contributed to suffering two strokes—died.

Apparently, the injuries, deaths and destruction on January 6 aren't a big deal, but getting her "f*ck Joe Biden" sign stolen is where Greene draws the line.

Greene is receiving a lot of backlash over her priorities.

This is far from the first time Greene has made headlines over some divisive statement.

From comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust and calling Liz Cheney a "Karen," Greene is no stranger to sparking eye-rolling controversy.

It seems to be the only thing she has managed to accomplish since arriving in Washington.