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Subway Worker Fired After Filming Himself Putting Deli Meats On Toilet Seat For Online Clout

Subway Worker Fired After Filming Himself Putting Deli Meats On Toilet Seat For Online Clout
ezraflower/Reddit; AL-H/Reddit

Some people will do absolutely anything for social media clout—even putting the deli meat at their restaurant job on a toilet.

That's how far one man on the internet, Jumanne Way, took things anyway. Now he's been fired from his job at a Subway franchise over incidents in which he stepped on the restaurant's ingredients and laid them on a toilet seat.

In this case, though, it seems pretty likely Way wanted to be caught. Not only did he make videos of his antics, but he tagged himself in them.

Thankfully—or unfortunately, depending on your view—Reddit has preserved some of Way's videos, including the one of him putting meat on a toilet and the one of him stepping on food supplies.

You can see below.

Way has become somewhat a known quantity on the internet for his stunts at his Subway job.

In addition to the whole stepping on ingredients and laying them on toilet seats thing, he's also posted videos of himself taking sips out of Gatorade bottles and stepping on the restaurant's bread before putting it back on display to be drank and eaten by customers.

Speaking to The Daily Mail after his videos went viral, Way said he did it all for the clout, hoping to eventually monetize his internet presence.

"Unfortunately, I'm a content creator, so I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetize my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms..."
"I just reached a point where I decided I would be willing to take a higher risk for a higher reward."

He does worry about being convicted of a crime, however.

But as he told The Daily Mail, in the end that's just the cost of doing business for a content creator.

Or something.

"There's a lot of consequences within creating controversy but I accept whatever happens."

Okay then.

On social media, Way's story definitely made an impression.

And some couldn't help but troll Subway itself for its lack of response to Way's antics.

In a statement issued to The Independent, Subway responded to Way's viral moment by confirming he had been fired and the company takes food safety seriously.

So you definitely don't need to worry your Subway BMT has touched a toilet seat, we guess?