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Social Media Rallies Around Student Nurse After She's Shamed For Her Parking

Social Media Rallies Around Student Nurse After She's Shamed For Her Parking
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Social media users have rallied round a student nurse after she was scolded for parking outside a row of shops to get to her unpaid job at a hospital.

Kiera Mercy, 19, from Fleetwood, Lancashire, England, works frequent shifts in Preston as part of her studies at the University of Central Lancashire, but said she often finds it difficult to find a parking space.

After opting to park in a spot in front of some local shops, where she said there were no restrictions, she returned to find a note reading: “This area is not for student parking! Have some consideration for the shops that already struggle without parking issues. Please think before leaving your car for hours about the businesses."

Tweeting a picture of the note, which has since gone viral, Mercy wrote: “Being a student nurse, working hours on end unpaid for the NHS without a break and having notes left on your car for being inconsiderate and parking in a LEGAL space.

“Have some consideration for those who save yours and your loved ones lives!"

The tweet received tens of thousands of likes and various messages of support, with one commenting: “I really wish there was a fund to provide parking for NHS staff…l would willingly pay into it! We need to look after these amazing people who look after us so well."

Mercy told the PA news agency one medical company sent a care package to the nurse's door to thank her for her dedication to nursing.

Mercy often finds it difficult to find a space to park her car, usually driving around for 40 minutes each day before she finds a spot.

She said: “If I wanted to park closer, I could be paying up to £10 a day, maybe more, and my bursary would not even cover that for half a year.

“I absolutely love my studies, so I'm just going to carry on doing what I'm doing.

“I look forward to getting up and going to make a difference to someone else's life. Everyone will need the NHS at some stage of their lives so they should be respected."