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Congresswoman Calls on Capitol Police to Intervene after QAnon Rep's Latest 'Second Amendment' Warning Against Dems

Congresswoman Calls on Capitol Police to Intervene after QAnon Rep's Latest 'Second Amendment' Warning Against Dems
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Far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is one of the most radical conservatives in Congress.

During her 2020 campaign for the House of Representatives, she frequently appeared in ads with assault rifles, sometimes even pointing toward photos of members of Congress. Shortly after being sworn in, Greene was removed from her committee assignments after resurfaced Facebook activity from before her election showed she expressed support for the execution of her now-colleagues.

That hasn't stopped her.

Greene has suggested shooting volunteer liaisons going door-to-door with information about lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines. She's said the "price of blood" is necessary to "restore America," and she's repeatedly called for a "national divorce," which—she claims—is not the same as a Civil War.

And in a recent interview with far-right pundit Sebastian Gorka, Greene once again used the Second Amendment to justify violence against Democrats.

Watch below.

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests it's time to use 'Second Amendment' on

Greene said:

"Ultimately, the truth is it's our Second Amendment rights, our right to bear arms, that protects Americans and gives us the ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, and I hate to use this language, but Democrats, they're exactly ... they're doing exactly what our Founders talked about when they gave us the precious rights that we have."

She went on to insist that she doesn't want violence, but that "we always have to make sure we are defending our Second Amendment rights and make sure our states’ rights are protected."

Now, one of Greene's Democratic colleagues—Congresswoman Haley Stevens of Michigan—is calling on Capitol Police to intervene.

Stevens also expressed concern for the Congresswoman's mental health, though no professional has done an official evaluation of Greene's capacities that's been made public.

Stevens' concern comes just months after Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a frequent target of Greene's, expressed similar concerns, saying:

"This is a woman that’s deeply unwell and clearly needs some help. … At this point, I think, the depth of that un-wellness has raised concerns for other members as well. And I think this is an assessment that needs to be made by the proper professionals. ... I’m concerned about her perceptions of reality."

At least one of Greene's colleagues—Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri—has had to move offices due to Greene's harassment. Greene was also embroiled in a highly public spat with Democratic Congresswoman Marie Newman of Illinois, her colleague whose office is across the hall, about their stances on the Equality Act. Greene intentionally misgendered Newman's transgender daughter.

In light of those events and Greene's most recent rhetoric surrounding the Second Amendment, people agreed with Stevens' evaluation.

Others claimed there's a double standard between Congress and other workplaces.

Greene's personal Twitter account was banned recently after she repeatedly spread disinformation regarding vaccines.

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