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Far-Right News Anchor Throws Cringey Tantrum After Spotting Pride Flag In Her Hometown

Far-Right News Anchor Throws Cringey Tantrum After Spotting Pride Flag In Her Hometown

One America News (OAN) anchor Alison Steinberg was criticized after she threw a profanity-laced tantrum upon spotting a Pride flag in her hometown of Huntington Beach, California, a reliably conservative enclave located in Orange County.

Steinberg referred to the sight of the Pride flag as "f**king bulls**t" and suggested, oddly, that flying it makes a mockery of a city that remained open even as areas nationwide shut down to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Steinberg, as if to profess her allegiance to former President Donald Trump, said that whoever "the hell is running this town needs to be fired," suggesting that doing so would "Make America Great Again."

You can hear her rant below.

Steinberg said:

"Guess what I came home to be greeted with? This fucking bulls**t. What the hell is that?"
“Huntington Beach is the town of good old-fashioned hard-working American people. People who worked all through the COVID lockdown!”
“Yes, that’s right. Huntington Beach never shut down through any of the COVID nonsense f**kery. And now we’re peddling this garbage?”
"What the hell is this?"
"The only flag that should be up there is that American flag. This is a disgrace to our city and it should be taken down immediately."
"Whoever the hell is running this town needs to be fired. Make America great again. Make Huntington Beach great.”

Steinberg initially posted her homophobic ravings to Instagram, but the video was later removed from the platform. It lived on elsewhere on social media, however, and many criticized her for her remarks.

Steinberg is one of the more noteworthy faces on OAN, the far-right, pro-Trump cable channel best known for trafficking conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the integrity of the 2020 general election, which Democrat Joe Biden won decisively.

She was recently criticized for publishing a video in which she claimed that she had been discriminated against for choosing not to wear a face mask at a Starbucks drive-through.