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Spotify's Year End Review Analysis Has Some People Feeling Called Out

Spotify's Year End Review Analysis Has Some People Feeling Called Out
Spotify, @itsabadreligion/Twitter

You ever get the feeling that smart technology has gotten a bit too smart and knows you too well? It crosses my mind every time Netflix or Hulu will suggest something to watch that's a little too perfect. Or how about all the times you see a Facebook ad that's hitting a bit close to home but is also pretty ridiculous? We can handle you trying to sell stuff to us, but we could do without the sass, thank you very much.

Spotify is not about that. At the end of every year, the company compiles data to let you know a bit about yourself. It tells you about your listening habits and how they compare to other users. Their end of the year music review is the mirror we totally didn't want because there's no way we listened to Cardi B that much this year... right?

Except yes. There is. The numbers don't lie. You can deny it if you want to, but the truth is you DO like it like that. We might be speaking from personal experience here.

We're taking comfort in the fact that it's not just us. Lots of people looked at their end of year stats and thought "there's no way this is me" ... and then had to take a good long look in the mirror. Not everyone was ready for that, Spotify!

If you've got Spotify, go check it out. Tell us how accurate you think your wrap-up was! If you're a parent of young children, we will totally understand if the Baby Shark song shows up in your top 10. No judgement here. I'm sure that was them.

H/T: Twitter, Spotify