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Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Deliver A Humorous 'Shaun Of The Dead'-Style Message About Staying Home

Stolen Picture/YouTube

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost revisited one of their most famous films to deliver a message about social distancing.

Referencing a scene from Shaun Of The Dead in the which the pair hatch a scheme to survive a zombie apocalypse, the Spaced stars posted a video entitled "The Plan", encouraging people to stay at home during the global pandemic.

In it, Pegg tells Frost he should "call mum, make sure she's OK" and to “follow the NHS guidelines" if someone has been infected.

In a reference to one of the film's most famous locations, Pegg tells Frost:

"Do not go to the Winchester. The pub is out."

He adds:

"If you can, stay at home, have a cup of tea and wait for all of this to blow over."

In Shaun Of The Dead, the characters plan to hide out in the pub until the zombie outbreak is over.

In real life, the public is being asked to avoid pubs, though some reports suggest this advice is not being heeded everywhere in the country.

Pegg ends his plan by saying:

"We're all in this together: don't be selfish, look after each other, give someone else a call if you think they might be lonely."

Pegg revealed recently that shooting on the latest Mission Impossible movie in Italy had been halted because of the outbreak.