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'Shark Tank's' Barbara Corcoran Apologizes After Making Joke About Whoopi's Weight On 'The View'

'Shark Tank's' Barbara Corcoran Apologizes After Making Joke About Whoopi's Weight On 'The View'
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Audible

Shark Tank panelist and regular Barbara Corcoran is being forced to eat her words after an awkward joke on The View lead to backlash for fat-shaming comments.

Corcoran, 72, made a very out-of-line joke after a discussion with host Whoopi Goldberg involving denim company Good American, a brand co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, the first black woman to be a panelist on Shark Tank.

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After Goldberg joked that she wouldn't be able to fit into the Kardashian lead-brand with "this COVID butt," Corcoran replied with her joke:

"When you get finished with those jeans, and decide you don't like them, give them to me. I'm gonna make two pairs!"

Obviously, this joke did not sit well with fans.

This blowback ultimately lead to Corcoran taking to the internet to post an apology to Whoopi Goldberg for her poor taste joke.

"I just came back from The View and saw my old friend Whoopi," she said in her video apology.

"As you well know, she has a phenomenal sense of humor, and I've known Whoopi for years."
"I made a joke at Whoopi's expense, which I now realize wasn't funny. For anyone who I may have offended unintentionally, I just wanted to say, I really am very sorry."

The apology, though seemingly well received by Goldberg herself, did not go over well with everybody.

"I really hate the 'if I offended you, I'm sorry' apologies," wrote one user.

"That's not an apology. Essentially you're saying 'hey! You shouldn't have been offended at all. But if you are, fine: sorry.' Just own it all, Barbara."

The new season of Shark Tank premieres tonight, October 8th, at 8 pm EST.