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People Are Sharing The Weirdest Gifts They've Ever Received, And We're Cringing

Carlina Teteris/Getty images, @Shari97587726

It's the thought that counts, right?

Well, maybe not all the time.

We have all gotten those gifts that make us wonder what would possess anyone to get it for you and what you're supposed to do with it.

Weird gifts are trending all over Twitter thanks to Jill Filipovic, author and lawyer, and her late night tweet.

Jill Filipovic started the thread with her own gift share.

She goes on to specify:

"The weirdest part is my uncle is not a creep and there were zero creepy vibes. I think he genuinely thought I would... like the gift? Needed a new bathing suit?"

These two tweets sparked a whole list of strange gifts.

People have received some odd things, from fertility gods to unshucked oysters.

Jill even took the time to reply to the lovingly shipped oysters.

This one definitely stood out:

Someone even shared a somewhat thoughtful gift of food.

There are many gift giving holidays and we'd advise you to study up for those.

Don't let a lack of knowing what the person likes, or a lack of trying to find out, lead you to a terrible gift.

It may be the thought that counts, but that thought better not be a strange one.