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Seth Rogen Tells Comedians To Get Over Cancel Culture: 'Saying Terrible Things Is Bad'

Seth Rogen Tells Comedians To Get Over Cancel Culture: 'Saying Terrible Things Is Bad'
Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

Filmmaker Seth Rogen addressed fellow comedians and called for a moratorium on complaining about "cancel culture."

On Tuesday, the Neighbors star and comedian appeared on Good Morning Britain and said he did not understand fellow comedians who complained about being ostracized for racism, sexism or other forms of bigotry in their material.

The show's host, Susanna Reid, asked Rogen to discuss the jokes in his older films that made people feel "uncomfortable."

He responded by describing "the nature of comedy" and what that entails."

"I think there are certain jokes that for sure have not aged well. But I think that's the nature of comedy."
"I think conceptually those movies are sound and I think there's a reason they've lasted."
"Jokes are not things that necessarily are built to last."

Rogen added:

"Getting criticism is one of the things that goes along with being an artist, and if you don't like that, then don't be a comedian anymore."
"To me, it's not worth complaining about to the degree I see other comedians complaining about."

You can watch the interview here.

He continued:

"But in my Twitter I've never made a joke that's outwardly horrific in some way, and if you have, I would question why you did that."
"Saying terrible things is bad, so if you've said something terrible, then it's something you should confront in some way, shape or form. I don't think that's 'cancel culture,' that's you saying something terrible, if that's what you've done."
"If you've made a joke that's aged terribly, accept it. And if you don't think it's aged terribly, then say that."

Rogen recently shocked fans with his "unrecognizable" look in his new Hulu series Pam & Tommy, inspired by Pamela Anderson's marriage to musician Tommy Lee.

In the forthcoming limited series, Rogen played a clean-shaven Rand Gauthier—the electrician who stole the couple's safe which happened to contain their sex tape that was eventually leaked to the world.

This month, the star also released his first book, titled Yearbook.