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Seth Myers Praises Lizzo For 'Class Act' Apology After She Drunkenly Called His Dad A 'B*tch'

Myers divulged how the singer apologized to his dad after leaving the insult on his voicemail while the pair were day drinking for a segment on his late night show.

Screenshot of Lizzo and Seth Myers from a segment on "Late Night"
Late Night with Seth Myers/YouTube

Late Night host Seth Myers called singer and rapper Lizzo a "class act" after discovering she sent his father flowers as a form of apology for calling him a "b*tch" during a live segment on Myers' show.

In December, Lizzo made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers that featured a “Day Drinking” segment in which the pair played games like "Truth or Shot" and drank a cocktail named after her hit single "About Damn Time."

They were generally being very silly together, and there were many laughs shared between the two.

During the jocularity, Myers called out Lizzo for using the B-word multiple times, to which she coyly remarked the throwaway slur was her "favorite word."

Maybe he should've kept that in mind before he allowed Lizzo to leave a message for his father. In his defense, the alcohol in his system may have impaired his good judgment.

When a tipsy Myers decided to make a spontaneous call to his dad and leave a message, he handed Lizzo the phone after telling his father she wanted to say something to him.

The message the slap-happy singer left after being put on the spot was:

"Bye B*tch."

Myers immediately hung up and gave the camera an astonished look with hands on the sides of his face like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

The moment in question can be seen from the 10:10 mark in the clip below.

Seth and Lizzo Go Day

Cut to last weekend, Myers appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where fans inquired about Lizzo's voicemail and how his father responded to her NSFW greeting.

After explaining the voicemail drama to the audience, Myers followed up with an update.

“Lizzo then, independent of me knowing, reached out to the show, and found out my dad’s address."
"Lizzo sent flowers to my father with a note that said ‘I’m sorry I called you a b*tch.’"
"That is a class act.”

You can watch the clip here.

How Did Lizzo Apologize to Seth Meyers’ Dad After Calling Him a Bitch? |

Fans also agreed Lizzo was good peeps, and they were highly entertained by the "Day Drinking" segment.

Lizzo will kick off the second leg of her Special Tour in April to promote her fourth studio album, Special.

Scheduled dates include stops in North America and the UK.