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Rand Paul Stunned After Kentucky Resident Calls In To Town Hall And Tells Him To 'Get F**ked'

Rand Paul Stunned After Kentucky Resident Calls In To Town Hall And Tells Him To 'Get F**ked'

A Kentucky woman is drawing widespread cheers on the Internet after her blunt statement to Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul at the Senator's recent town hall.

TikToker Alexis Toon was personally invited to the online town hall by Paul's staff, so she decided to level with him in the most personal way possible

As you can hear in the video below, Toon did not mince words.

At all.

So much so that we must warn you this video contains profanity.

After being given the go-ahead to ask her question, Toon said the words that have been in many minds for years when it comes to Paul.

"Hi Senator I am a proud Kentucky citizen and I just wanted to tell you to get f'ked."

Toon's straight-talk seemed to make quite an impression on Paul, who simply stared at the ground as his staff member gaped in shock before moving on to the next question.

But as Toon pointed out on her TikTok page, they had no one to blame but themselves.

"...for some unknown reason they called and asked if I'd like to join the town hall Q&A so I took the opportunity and ran with it."

Toon has not offered any reason for why she so intensely dislikes the Kentucky Republican, but she is certainly not alone.

Liberals and more centrist-minded Republicans alike have grown angry with Paul for his repeated spreading of misinformation about the pandemic and his public refusal to get vaccinated—despite being a doctor himself, albeit one of dubious credentials.

Whatever her reasons, Toon's plain-dealing with one of the most controversial GOP Senators in Washington definitely struck a nerve on the internet.

In addition to being a pandemic denier Paul is also a climate change denier, virulently anti-LGBTQ and, like most of his colleagues, a vehement denier of the legitimacy of Democratic President Joe Biden's election. So it seems unlikely Toon is alone in her sentiments..