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Arnold Schwarzenegger Had The Most On-Brand Response After Being Called Out For Fixing 'Giant Pothole'

After SoCal Gas announced they'd paved over Schwarzenegger's repair of a neglected service trench in a Los Angeles street, Arnold responded with a very on-brand tweet.

Split screen of Arnold Schwarzenegger patching pothole (L); Arnold Schwarzenegger at an event
@Schwarzenegger/Twitter; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Just yesterday we learned our favorite Terminator actor and former Governor of California patched a pothole in his neighborhood.

That’s right.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not afraid to get his hands dirty and fix the problem he had been dealing with for months.

But shortly after Schwarzenegger's video went viral, city officials claimed the "pothole" was an active service trench for SoCalGas, needed until May.

But SoCalGas said the hole was actually from work completed at the beginning of the year.

“On January 26, 2023, SoCalGas crews completed work to upgrade the pipeline system on Mandeville Canyon Road in Brentwood.”

The gas company went on to explain that usually service sites such as these were repaired within 30 days of completion but the weather prevented them from doing so.

Since Governor Schwarzenegger’s DIY repair, SoCalGas has gone in to reinforce the spot.

Marissa Girolamo, a communications manager at SoCalGas said:

“We did leave the patch that Governor Schwarzenegger applied, however yesterday our crews went back to the site and we used special equipment to go over the patch to make it all strong."

The actor, and now pothole repairer extraordinaire, had quite the response.

Twitter, too, was pumped up.

The only question that remains is—when there’s another pothole or open service trench waiting to be fixed—will he be back?