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Arnold Schwarzenegger Called Out For Filling 'Giant Pothole' That Wasn't Actually A Pothole At All

The actor shared a video of his team filling in the pothole that actually turned out to be a service trench the city claimed would have to be reopened.

Arnold Schwarzenegger patches pavement in his Brentwood, California neighborhood

Arnold Schwarzenegger—champion bodybuilder, actor and former Governor of California—recently filmed himself and a companion filling in what he called a "giant pothole" near his Los Angeles home with a commercially available blacktop repair kit.

He posted the video to Twitter, where a lot of people took to the comments to air their own pothole-related grievances and thanking Schwarzenegger for filling the hole.

He soon discovered a bit of a problem, though.

The city claimed it wasn't a pothole, but a service trench dug deliberately for utility work.

A spokesperson for the city said:

"This location is not a pothole. It’s a service trench that relates to active, permitted work being performed at the location by SoCal Gas, who expects the work to be completed by the end of May."
"As is the case with similar projects impacting City streets, SoCal Gas will be required to repair the area once their work is completed."

A few people also critiqued the actual patch job, saying it wouldn't last.

Schwarzenegger's representative and SoCal Gas planned to issue an update that disputed the city's story.