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Grimes' Mom Brutally Slams Elon Musk For 'Blaring' Men's Rights 'Bulls–t On Twitter' After His 'Matrix' Tweet

Elon Musk caught his mother-in-law's eye when he tweeted a men's rights rallying cry weeks after his child's birth.

On Sunday morning, Musk tweeted that people should "take the red pill," a phrase from The Matrix that has since been adopted by many unlikeable groups, including men's rights activists.

Sandy Garossino, a former Canadain prosecutor and Grimes' mother, noticed these tweets and responded with some tweets of her own, though she deleted several shortly thereafter.


Less than two weeks ago, Musk and Grimes were in the headlines for naming their newborn child "X Æ A-12 Musk."


Garossino had even more to say, however.

Garossino seems more than a little bit peeved at Musk's behavior.

Musk also took a few moments while his wife was recovering from childbirth to correct her on Twitter.

The new baby is Grimes' first and Musk's seventh.

Twitter was solidly on Sandy Garossino's side when it came to the bizarre exchange.

Of course, many were simply surprised by the news that Garossino, who is well-known by many Canadians, is Grimes' mother.

Elon Musk had better get his act together if he wants to keep his family situation happy.