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San Francisco Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Her Dog After He Was Stolen Outside Grocery Store 4 Months Ago

It's time for a heartwarming story, right?

Emilie Talermo, a 31-year-old San Francisco resident, was so distraught by the loss of her mini Australian Shepherd, Jackson, that she hired an airplane to fly a "missing" banner over Northern California in December.

The SFPD also shared information online in the hopes of getting Jackson back.

Jackson didn't just wander off.

He was stolen in front of a local grocery store. After four months and no word, Talermo was contacted by an animal shelter in Palmdale—a Southern California town approximately 370 miles away—that someone had just dropped off a dog whose microchip connected to her phone number.

When Jackson was finally brought back to her, the sweetest reunion ever ensued.

Reunited! San Francisco owner reunites with missing dog who was stolen 4 months ago


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SFPD Returns Stolen Dog To Its Owner

Jackson had thankfully been well fed and taken care of in the time he was away.

People were happy to see the reunion.

Talermo is leaving San Francisco this weekend in the wake of the pandemic and moving home to her parents' house in Wyoming.

After this is all over, she plans to move to Portugal, so Jackson showed up at exactly the right time.

Jackson is reportedly adjusting to being home just fine.

Talermo said to The Huffington Post:

"He slept great, he was snoring. He has been basking in the sun in our backyard."
"I didn't sleep at all, I was with my eyes closed, smiling. I'm just so happy to have him back in my life."

Good news comes is always appreciated, but it's especially welcome right now.

Welcome home Jackson!

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