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Ryan Reynolds Just Got The Vaccine—So, Naturally, He Used It To Troll Conspiracy Theorists

Ryan Reynolds Just Got The Vaccine—So, Naturally, He Used It To Troll Conspiracy Theorists
Jason Mendez/WireImage/Getty Images

As more people get vaccinated in response to the pandemic, they have found all kinds of interesting ways to celebrate, complete with stickers, fun photos, and creative videos.

Deadpool actor and comedian, Ryan Reynolds, received his first round of the vaccine on March 31 and took a photo as he received the shot as a way to celebrate.

But could all-around-goofball Ryan Reynolds just get the vaccine quietly, or celebrate the limit of the spread of the virus with a straight face?

No, of course not.

Instead, Reynolds decided to troll conspiracy theorists.

He surely knew that just sharing a photo of receiving the vaccine would bring some anti-vaxxers out of the woodwork, not to mention conspirators who believe the pandemic has been a hoax this whole time.

There are also the conspirators who don't necessarily doubt the validity of the pandemic, but they are highly suspicious of the vaccine. Some believe the vaccine contains a microchip that can be used to further track everyone who receives it, and others, like anti-maskers, view it as one more way for the government to take our rights away. Reynolds must have known his photo would draw their attention.

But that wasn't enough, as Reynolds also decided to troll the conspiracy theorists who have been placing their energies into the 5G network. Some have blamed the network for creating and spreading the virus, and others believe the network intends to remove any semblance of an individual's privacy.

Alongside his vaccination photo, Reynolds quipped:

"Finally got 5G."

This telecommunications organization urged Reynolds not to provoke the conspirators.

Some picked up where Reynolds left off and took the joke a step further.

Others encouraged, all joking aside, people to get the vaccine.

Adorably, Ryan Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively, also shared her vaccination, also with a joke.

Lively shared her photo on Instagram and wrote:

"Find you someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me."

This just serves as further confirmation that the duo was meant for each other. They can't seem to do much of anything without accompanying it with a joke, from their parenting to working out to receiving the vaccine, apparently.