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Reporter Forced To Give Chase After Dog Jumps Up And Steals Her Mic While She's Live On Air

Reporter Forced To Give Chase After Dog Jumps Up And Steals Her Mic While She's Live On Air

We all have had our little mishaps at work.

We make a mistake we've never made before, or maybe we miss a "tpyo" in an article.

But most of us can't say that our mishaps occurred because of a dog.

Russian journalist Nadezhda Serezhkina alone has those hilarious bragging rights.

While giving a weather report on a live segment, Serezhkina was utilizing a brightly-colored green and blue foam microphone on a boardwalk.

Serezhkina was rudely interrupted by a Golden Retriever who thought the microphone was a toy. The dog jumped into the camera's view and snatched the microphone away before running off with it.

The cameraman, Dimitri Lotovski, continued to film as Serezhkina left her post and chased after the dog to retrieve her microphone from him.

She could be heard yelling:

"Stop! Come here! Please stop! Stop!"

The video then cut back to the main studio to a news broadcaster.

She deadpanned:

"It seems we've lost connection with our reporter. We will attempt to get in touch with her again."

You can watch the video here:

The studio did manage to reconnect with Serezhkina after she retrieved her microphone. It had visible chew marks in the top foam piece, but it was otherwise still functional.

The dog's owner confirmed the dog's name was Martin and Martin must have believed the microphone was a toy, hence his behavior.

Serezhkina managed to share a little bit of her story on the air, as well as the weather forecast she originally intended to present.

All while petting the dog, of course. What a missed opportunity that would have been.

You can watch the second video here:

Twitter was absolutely abuzz with this strange occurrence and they, quite frankly, didn't know how to feel about this dog's behavior.

Some decided to laugh it off.

A few didn't let a cute dog distract them from conspiracy theories.

Despite the strange mishap, Serezhkina managed to make the best of it, and her fellow broadcasters also remained professional.

It will surely be a day the team will remember for a long time and even something they can look back on and laugh at.