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Russell Tovey Hilariously Responds After Being Compared To A Bad Matt Damon Lookalike

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images; Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Actor Russell Tovey (Quantico, Looking) responded perfectly to a now-private Twitter thread of a series of people available for hire as celebrity look-alikes.

A UK-based "Lookalikes agency" was the subject of the thread. You can contract this agency to provide you with a "celebrity lookalike," many of whom are not quite on the mark.

Tovey got involved when a lookalike of Matt Damon—who looks nothing like Matt Damon—was posted, and someone pointed out the man looked a bit more like Russell Tovey.

Tovey took to that magnificently.

As we can see, the man in the photo looks nothing like Matt Damon.

Honestly, nor does he look much like Tovey, as this user suggests.

And people were quick to make fun of the comparison.

The agency in question, Lookalike Talent Agency, is run by a man named Andy Harmer.

He is a professional David Beckham lookalike who can be seen on the BBC Channel 4 show Lookalikes.

Tovey later said to Metro:

"To even be considered as handsome and dashing as the lookalike of Matt Damon is incredibly humbling."

Some of the latest lookalikes from the website include Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Booking fees vary based on who you are hiring.

Yes, you too could have fake Russell Tovey.

Or was it Matt Damon?