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Florida Gov. Just Showed Everyone What Not To Do By Wearing One Glove And Touching His Face During Press Conference

For many Americans, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become an icon of what NOT to do as a global pandemic threatens the nation.

He held off on ordering Floridians to shelter in place until early April, weeks after states like New York and California took precautions and long after many spring breakers had traveled to Florida's beaches to party in large groups.

Now, he's attempting to take the virus a little more seriously. But his efforts at a daily press briefing were undercut by his choice to wear only a single glove.

He then proceeded to touch his face with his ungloved hand that he'd used to grip a microphone.

Did he learn nothing from Rudy Gobert?

Twitter didn't show DeSantis any mercy for his lack of proper protection.

If DeSantis was trying to make a fashion statement, it was not a good one.

People online were at a loss—why would anyone make the choice to wear only a single glove?

Many Floridians took notice of their governor failing to live up to expectations.

Could DeSantis be a Michael Jackson fan?

While wearing only a single glove is irresponsible, touching your face with the ungloved hand is just downright dumb.

Many still hadn't forgiven DeSantis for his delay in taking precautions against the virus.

Remember, everyone: don't be like Governor DeSantis. Be sure to glove BOTH hands and refrain from touching your face whenever possible.

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