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Woman's Seemingly Romantic 'Date' With An Ostrich Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

Woman's Seemingly Romantic 'Date' With An Ostrich Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

Dating during the pandemic is tough stuff.

How does one kindle something with a crush when we have to stay socially distant, wear masks that cover most of our faces, avoid touching, and remain outdoors during the winter months? It may not even seem worth the trouble for some people.

But one TikToker found a workaround, and the internet is going wild about it.

Wendy Adriaens, of Belgium, rehabilitates ostriches on her farm and often posts videos of her sill, long-necked friends on her TikTok page. As the self-dubbed "Ostrich Whisperer," Adriaens has amassed dozens of the clips, pulling in thousands of views for each.

But Adriaen's recent video showed her on an outdoor date with an ostrich. As the clip showed, she laid out a blanket, sat down with her feathery companion, and even shared a long hug--well, at least a neck rubbing.

Oh, and the whole clip had the theme music from Braveheart playing in the background, which turned out to be a remarkably romantic choice.

The clip, seen by millions, launched Adriaen's TikTok presence from niche animal content into the universal realm of viral internet attention, Daily Dotreported.

TikTok viewers were thrilled to see some romance.





Jessica Woo/TikTok

A couple people even began to let their imaginations run wild.

They pictured the whole scene playing out on the big screen.

Caitriona Daly/TikTok


Some were just surprised—and refreshed—to see an ostrich behaving so gently.


Jennifer Stancil/TikTok

And plenty of people pointed out a very relevant fact that shed a whole new light on the picnic date.

Their comments left one wondering just what was going through that ostriches head.


Bridgette Noelle/TikTok

Mia Linay/TikTok

Fortunately, Adriaens was there to weigh in and set the record straight.

Wendy Adriaens/TikTok

Because Adriaens could only speak from her own personal experience, we'll never truly know just how romantic that date was for the ostrich.

At least plenty of people watching the clip know exactly how they felt—brightened by some adorable love.